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I think it's standard bracing (non-scalloped) just like a standard D-28 is. I their description of the guitar it says this under the VTS paragraph description:

"The guitar is then braced with a forward-shifted standard 5/16 X bracing pattern to add just the right of color to the tone"

I have a 2017 D-28 that is fantastic with the straight forward shifted bracing, otherwise I'd definitely get this. I'm waiting for them to put the D-18VTS on a stupid deal of the day again. I actually chatted with them today to see if they'd lower the price on the D-18 VTS to $2000 like their SDOTD was back in December. No, that didn't work, so I just have to wait.

But that is a seriously good deal today. I'll be curious to hear if anyone here jumped on it.
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