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Default Is mahogany always plain or can it have figure?


Most mahogany I see looks really similar and plain. Little or no figuring in the wood. Other than Honduran mahogany, which has variation and undulation, and the Tree mahogany, which has incredible figure, are there other types of mahogany with interesting figuring?

Martin D-28 (Sitka/Brazilian)
Martin OM28 (European Spruce/EIR)
Collings OM3A (Adirondack/EIR)
Greven OOO (Lutz/Brazilian)
Greven OO (Lutz/Maple)
ARK Senorita S6-12 (Adirondack/Mahogany)
Circa OOO-12 (European Spruce/Mun Ebony)
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