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Originally Posted by Teleplucker View Post
The wooden harp guitar that I play ( Beardsell) has sharping levers and they are convenient for sure. My first harp guitar was built by Tony Karol, it did not have sharping levers. To me it's not a deal breaker.
Congrats on your 20 string Emerald purchase. Please do an in depth review once you get it. There are very few people who can compare as many harp guitars as you can. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

As far as deal breaker or not, I guess it's personal preference. I make very few big purchases, so I like to have all the options when I do. People have played harp guitars for 200+ years without sharping levers just fine, but it's like that Micahael Manring video I put up. Having the option opens up possibilities.

I've never even seen a harp guitar in the flesh and probably never will where I live. So I'm trying to figure it all out without ever seeing or playing one. 6 or 7 strings... levers or not... electronics or not... many questions. At some point I'll just have to jump in the deep end. What's the resale like an a harp guitar any ways??

I am quite intrigued by your Beardsell. The 2 sideports with the 2 soundholes must provide a nice, almost stereo sound. If I ever get back to Winnipeg I'll have to see if I Beardsell would let me stop by. I'm a good 350 miles away with no reason to go there, but you never know.
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