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Originally Posted by Emerald Guitars View Post
Hi guys,

First of all, congrats on the purchase of the Synergy X20 Super Treble, Teleplucker.

You are right, Alistair is not a fan of sharping levers. He finds they add unnecessary complexity to the instrument which can create problems with buzzes and intonation. We use high quality 18:1 ratio tuners so fast and accurate tuning changes can be achieved without the need for levers. We would also have to modify the headstock to make them fit which effects the aesthetic design and physical balance of the instrument.

Thank you so much to you all for your interest in our harp guitars.

Best Wishes,

Hello Sean.

Nuts, that's probably a deal breaker for me. I find it way to hard to change tuning mid song accurately. The lever should allow for mid-song changes and the ability to bend notes. That is an awesome option!

Potential buzzes and intonation I could understand, but I would expect no problems if using a quality lever with proper installation. I've seen harps with dozens of strings, all with sharping levers. Any rattle would be quite noticeable. Many levers have room to slide back and forth for fine tuning (should there be a string gauge change). There are so many discerning players that use them on very expensive harp guitars, it must be possible.

I went and did more sleuthing and I think I see the problem. An adjustable bridge pin is often needed for a sharping lever to operate properly. There are some that don't have it though. Carbon fibre, with all of it's strength, should be the perfect material to handle all of this. I found a harp pic that shows all things in very close proximity. It shows Truitt levers with Nylon strings, but they also make levers for metal strings. I compare this to a Synergy headstock and it all looks very possible. Here we have tuner, pin and lever very close together. All that's needed ( I think) is enough material in the area to bolt on to.

I also found a pic with Camac levers and no bridge pins. The user would have to adjust the lever after every tuning, but then it would be set. All these options look viable.

I think I read the Alistair carves out the slotted headstocks, so those most be solid CF. Same thing should work here. The pin looks like it is adjusted from the top, no need for rear access. What do you think... possible??

Here's the biggest question (literally); is the headstock on the Synergy X20 hollow or solid?? If solid, how far does the solid section go forward?? Can you give me a measurable number. I may be willing to experiment with this myself on a Synergy X20.

Thanks Sean!!

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