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Some hands on experience sure helps. I've seen them but never used them. The principal double bass player in the local symphony has sharping levers on his double bass. I had never seen them prior to that. I believe his could do a full step. I forgot about it until this moment. I've only talked with him a few times, but may call him if I get more serious.

I was looking at some pictures of the X20 Synergy showing the back of the harp side headstock. It appear to be hollow there. It may be possible to get an arm up inside that far for bolting the levers down.

If I get really serious I'll contact Emerald. It's quite possible that they've already done it. Alistair has done some very radical custom work in the past. I couldn't imagine ordering a harp guitar without them. I want to use full tones & semi-tones in the same song. I love the idea of utilizing them mid song.

Honestly, I am itching for something new. I never thought that a harp guitar could join my 2 loves of bass guitar and acoustic guitar.
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