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Originally Posted by Carbonius View Post
Looking at the 6 sub bass string model, there is lots of room for them. I have been comparing online photos of harp guitars that have them. There may not be enough room on the 7 sub bass, although I'm sure they'd customize.
My wife is a harper with a fully-levered harp (I have the official 'harp-mover' t-shirt) so I'm pretty familiar with them. I'd have no problem with simple half-step levers on 6 sub-basses: working down from the low D of DADGAD the sub-basses, with sharping levers, would cover C/C#, Bb/B, G#/A, F#/G, E/F and D/Eb. It would make it so much easier than having to re-tune those strings to suit each tuning.

I would imagine that the guitar would have to be engineered to incorporate levers, either with a built-up solid portion of the sub-bass head to accept screws (or, better, trap nuts) or a bolt/nut arrangement with access on the back of the head. I don't think i'd be happy with epoxied-on levers...

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