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As interest for this guitar and for this thread seems to have now vanished, it's better I think to leave things with Hans Moust's word as a conclusion...He is a Guild Guitars expert, and has written a very well-considered book about their history too, among other things...
Thanks Howard for having it made available to us all.
Originally Posted by Howard Emerson View Post
I went to The Source, and sent an email to my friend Hans Moust.

His reply:
Hello Howard,

Thanks for your email. Yes, I'm doing well and I hope the same for you.

Re. I saw this eBay listing and I just can’t believe what I’m seeing……especially the headstock shape which appears to have never been rebound!!

The link doesn't work for me, but I assume that you're referring to the refinished CE-100 that I've had a couple of questions about.
If it's the same one, I can tell you that it's an older body with a non-original neck and fingerboard and a bunch of non-original parts.

I assume the seller simply has no clue!

Anyway thanks for the heads up!


Hans Moust

Howard Emerson
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