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Well, those D'Addario strings toughened up my fingertips. I put some Elixir Nanoweb Photophor Bronze strings on today... sounds and feels even better!

I think Emerald must have a new stringing technique: each string had a right angle bend that hooks on the first wrap - I had to snip a couple of them off the post.

It gave the opportunity to get a better look at those individual saddles...

It looks like they are compensated, and there is play in each one until the string is snugged down across it. Tiny height adjustment screws on either side.

I was anxious to hear how these sound plugged in... good; they sound real good. To my ear, the Elixirs have a bit more punch, with a bit more bass. I like 'em! And little to no squeek.

Tension feels about the same as the D'Addario strings that were on it. But, the feel of the Elixirs is easier on my fingers.


I had to edit this post because the software that keeps our conversation clean thought something in the address of the image location of the photo with the saddles was naughty - it put in a string of asterisks. LOL

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