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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post
Thank you again for taking the time and effort to demonstrate a marvelous guitar. Are you still playing any of the others?
I have good intentions. I go into the guitar room, with every intent of playing one of the other guitars... and then I pick up the X10. Yeah, 10 days in, this is still the honeymoon stage. Each time I play it, though, it makes my ears, hands, and heart happy.

I fully expect to play the others again soon. Some time. I sure don't see myself as a "narrowing it down to one" kinda guy. But, after the X7 and X20, I didn't think I really needed another guitar.

The house is full of good smells right now: I saw a post online about lasagna soup and showed it to Joan... she is cooking away on that as I write this. I might go get the X20 to play some music for her while she's hard at it. I think my playing could bring her to tears... or it could be the onions she's chopping. Maybe I'll just grab the X10; 'cause, you know, it's closer to the door of the guitar room.