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It has been a week with the new X10. Yes, still "the honeymoon" stage... I am SO enjoying this guitar! Before it arrived, I had some concerns about the 1 11/16" nut width... this neck feels like it was made for my hand!

I can tell right away if a guitar isn't for me. But, I find I have to spend some serious time with a guitar to know if it is a keeper. Yeah, this X10 is a delight.

The Level 2 pickups on this aren't just a "plug it in, adjust the volume and tone, and you're good to go" like my other acoustics - the two knobs control volume of the saddle pickup and the humbucking, with dark and mid-EQ adjustability on the piezo. Being able to switch to either pickup or a blend makes for a lot of tone differences. Add a TRS Y-cable, and you can run each pickup to a different amp. SO MANY tone options when plugged in. I am climbing this learning curve, and enjoying the process.

Today is Joan's birthday. She asked me to bring a guitar into the living room and just play for her. I didn't buy the X10 to be a "couch guitar," but it is fine for that, too.

It is rapidly becoming that "Goldilocks" guitar, earning its place with the X7 and X20.


Edit: with the Y-cable run to the Bose S1 and to an electric modeling amp, the sound is like two guitars at once. Imagine your acoustic with a flanger and some chorus on the electric side and a nice rich acoustic sound through the PA. My wife is loving the sound! I am having fun.

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