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I was not able to start my day out playing the X10... a dental appointment kept me from that. But, I am minus some "mouth meat" where a new base and impression has been done for a tooth implant (the screw was put in last year). In two weeks or so, I'll have the finished product installed.

This wasn't anywhere as tough as the removal of a broken tooth and roots that necessitated the implant.

I thought I might take a nap when we got home, but there was an Emerald X10 calling my name. I don't know if the D'Addario strings need to be "played in" or if I left enough fingertip skin on those strings in the past 48 hours to enlarge the tone, but I played the X10 acoustically this afternoon... something has changed and the guitar sounds even bigger and better.

I had a lot of fun yesterday with the X10 run into an electric amp with modeling. Joan ordered me a TRS Y-cable so I will be able to run an acoustic amp and an electric amp at the same time - should make for some even greater tone variety.

Two days in, and I am VERY impressed with the X10!

(that is not the pain med talking)