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Thanks for the kind words folks. My wife and Rufus have been in the room with me while playing - but, since it has been barely 24 hours with the X10, no others. Joan likes the sound of the X20 best and I agree with her - Rufus said, "Sounds nice, Pops, is it time for supper, yet?"

All three were recorded while I was sitting in my comfy playing chair. The mics on the Zoom recorder were about 12" from the 12th fret and the soundhole. I have to say that I was less than happy with the lack of bass in the recording, but I set the levels manually, with no changes (only pressed the pause) between each guitar. The only reason I can think of why the X7 would sound so similar is that the projection is forward on that guitar, rather than up and forward on the other two. But, really, that X7 sounds better than it has a right to with its size.

I had been playing the X20 before going to free the X10 from the clutches of the Postal System. (It's a joke - I am grateful for our Postal System.) The X20 definitely sounds bigger and more full than the X10. Those D'Addario strings on the X10 are hard on my fingers and there is more squeek.

I may try recording something from a further distance one of these days. And, a comparison of the plugged in sounds. The X10 excels plugged in... BUT, I have to make adjustments at the PA for bass and treble (more bass, less treble, cut the volume) for the X10... with my other guitars, I have been able to leave the PA/amp alone and just make small adjustments at the guitar, if necessary.

All three nice guitars, but they each have their own sound.

I generally record from the PA - it is a bit foreign feeling to just sing "towards" a mic... and not have a little reverb to smooth things out.

I haven't used that Zoom since before we left this summer - it took me a while to remember how to even turn it on.