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Default SBAIC guitar progress

I have talked a bit about the guitar I will be giving away at the August 2017 rendition of the Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration. If you but a ticket to the show and bring the stub to the bin on my table, you will be entered to win this guitar. If you come for two days, you get two chances.

The guitar is my WRX version of an Adirondack over California Walnut 00 sized 13 fret to the body instrument. Ihas my standard varnish finish, and quite a bit more decoration that I usually put on my simplest offering, as it commemorates the event, and I love my birds on the fingerboard, so I did that instead of the dots I usual include to keep the price down.

I offer the following photos to give some insight into how the birds get from paper to Pearl inlaid in Ebony. Sadly I cannot cut and take meaningful photos at the same time, but as you can see they are all different despite starting from the same line drawing, and that is what I call "evidence of the hand".