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Originally Posted by Cecil6243 View Post
I took a 30 year break from guitar after I got married, and now I'm back at it with vigor. I lament wasting those 30 years, but it is what it is.

I'm almost back where I was in skill level, and working at actually getting better than I was 30 years ago. But there is one big difference from my younger self: I have an interest in coming up with original songs vs. just imitating artists I admire.

I've been soaking up music theory this time and song writing is no longer a mystery to me. Over 30 years ago I remember a guy I studied from twice a week asked me if I was interested in learning how to come up with my own material, and I declined as I wasn't confident I could do it. Maybe I'm more secure in myself than I was 30 years ago?

My goal is to come up with something a recording artist can use. Just one song would do it. I have no interest in formally performing again. (Used to be a lead singer for a garage band).Unrealistic?
Writing your own songs is not unrealistic at all. Nor is being able to write a good song. All the music you've heard in those 30 years has gone into your head in some form, giving you an intuitive sense of what works - you may not know it to start with (in theory or principle), but you know it when you find it.

Getting a recording artist interested in it? I've no idea how you'd go about that. Think about all the amateurs posting songs on youtube all the time - millions of them, lots of them pretty good.
Most recording artists - if they don't already write their own songs - have plenty of songwriters on tap. I suspect you'd have to create a big stir on social media, with one of your songs going viral for some reason. Obviously that happens, but rarely through any planning from the original singer.
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