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Originally Posted by nico View Post
Hi, I don't post much but I've been following Custom Shop threads for a long time and I had this problem too using Chrome on a Mac.

I think its because Bruce's photos are hosted on his website and its http, not https, whereas acousticguitarforum is https so Chrome stops this behaviour by default. Other threads will be showing ok if the poster's photographs are on a https site like flickr etc.

It's fixable but its personal choice if you're happy to do it - I don't know if there are any wider implications and everyone should make their own decision about it.

Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Insecure Content > then allow

Hope that helps, it worked for me.

Beautiful guitars Bruce, I always enjoy your threads.
Just wanted to say "thanks" for this! Cleared up my issues with seeing Bruce's posts via Chrome! Much appreicated!

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