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Originally Posted by Guest 728 View Post
On the Republic tri-cone I bought, one of the dot markers that cover the screws was missing. The screw under it had been installed at an angle, making the fretboard lift away from the body.

On the Republic biscuit guitar, the "stick" that runs from the neck block to the tail was comprised of several glued-together pieces of what looked like scrap wood. The screw that attached this assembly to the cone well was also installed at an angle, making the contact between the cone lip and the well dodgy.

As far as brands go, I think the inexpensive ones have a lot more similarities than differences. If I wanted to spend less than $1000, I'd probably look for a Michael Messer Blues.
wow the republics actually have bolt on necks? I didnt think they did. Also Michael Messer uses the same factories so Im not sure why itd be any different besides perhaps a better setup
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