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Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
Thanks, John. You have to look close, but you can tell it isn't an Emerald by the center soundhole and the 90 edges. I like the tobacco burst on my 814, but the prettiest part of the finish is something subtle: the curly maple binding.

To get a fair comparison, I restrung the 814 and the X20 with the same strings, at the same time. Verdict: they are both a delight. Different tone, but each makes my ears happy. The Taylor neck is still the profile my hand likes best, but the Emerald is overall more comfortable to play.

I know this has nothing to do with a Sable (also a very nice guitar), but is about the wood vs carbon discussion. What can I say: I like guitars.
Nicely done, Captain Jim! This statement captures it all and puts the discussion of wood vs CF to rest. This is an acoustic guitar forum and that is what we are here for - guitars - we all like guitars.

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