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I've been told all my life I can't sing---- I don't care I sing anyway

The song I wrote, Janet, is a true story- I played it for a neighbor one day and she nearly cried-

A friend told me my version of Hands on the Wheel does what a song should do- make you feel it- and she loved my version of Waylon's, Alone-

But the best one came from this forum- I copied it down and put it in my song book so this is not a copy and paste but a verbatim copy.

I have been following your recent NGD posts and the accompanying monologues you have put up about this and that. I have to come clean. I thoroughly enjoy listening to you tell a story. And now, hearing you sing this great old country love song just knocked me out.
To me you are the "Folk Art" personality on the forum right now. A straight talking, say what's on your mind killer voice and cadence to your story telling and playing. It is unique in a world of sameness.
I can't shake your hand, but, I can do this..... Hello, my name is Frank from Brooklyn, N.Y. and I bet you and I would be friends if we ever crossed paths.
Keep posting this great stuff please!

Talk about an humbling experience! Friends and family allowed as how it is awesome that I have touched people in different states when I showed that to them- I agree. And I'll add, that's what it's all about- posterity!
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