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Default Nembrini Acoustic Voice plugin

I record a lot using my mic blend pickup. The main reason I do it is to separate the guitar from my voice.

It sounds like this:

This is with a Schertler AG-6 pickup with the S-Mic turned all the way up. There is also some bleed of course from the Shure BETA 56A mic. The S-mic picks up just a trace amount of my vocal, and the guitar in the BETA56A is about a third as loud as the guitar. Overall, the guitar doesnít sound fully acoustic, but it is pretty, very clear, and I like the way it sounds more than any other way I have attempted at getting a recording of my guitar and vocals together.

I bought the Nembrini Acoustic Voice plugin for IOS (which is how I record) back when it was on itís introduction sale, but I am traveling right now and havenít had a chance to experiment with it yet. In this demo at least, the sound seems in line with what you would expect from a decent mic modeler or IR.

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