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I just crunched some numbers for the last few months of sales, and the following data may be the most interesting of all.

40% of our sales -- almost half -- some from existing customers who have already ordered at least one pick from us in the past. I'm proud to say that this speaks volumes as to the performance of our products, and equally to our industry-best customer service. I can tell you, no one works harder at it.

Case in point: This past week a customer contacted me regarding a broken pick that he bought back in November 2016. It was our thin nf-75 ss (tortoise teardrop at .75 mm thickness.) Here is how the exchange went:

CUSTOMER: Hello Scott, I picked up one of your .75ss in tortoise not too long ago and have really enjoyed it until this evening. Playing on a 000-18 with light strings and wanting a little warmer tone I switched to the rounded edge and the pick just got a split and ended up breaking the pick. Great tone and I get that it is thin but for the money cannot purchase again. I will stick with ---- ---- from this point, better value for the money. Thank you.

CLP: Mr. M, thanks for your feedback. Actually, believe it or not, I was just telling someone the other day that we hadn't had a single one of those fail, which surprised me. How about this. We strive to deliver the best customer service in the industry. Can I send you a brown clf-75 to replace it? This is the identical material that ---- ---- uses, but we go thinner. Anyway, I'd like to replace it with something and the brown teardrop at .75 mm will knock your socks off. If this works for you, please email me your mailing address and I'll have this on the road to you by Saturday. We bend over backwards to make our customers happy. Thanks for your honesty and for taking the time to contact us.

CUSTOMER: Wow Scott I have to say that your customer service is outstanding. I would certainly like to try the other material. The thing I really liked about your pick was the thinness. Thank you for quick response and great service. My address is: .......

CLP: Mr. M, your replacement pick was mailed here today in Los Angeles, so you should see it right away. Thanks for writing; if you hadn't written, I never would have known. Within reason, we try to be very responsive to our customers. We're a small enough shop right now that we can do that.

Clearly we can't do this every day or we'd go out of business. But we work very hard at being the best of the best, and this is just one example.

Thanks, AGF,
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See photos of our new red casein teardrop inlaid with genuine Mother-of-Pearl, an industry first:

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