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Originally Posted by Bruce Sexauer View Post
I typically use LMII's TRST single action rod which has proven utterly reliable and consistent re how it responds to turning the adjustment nut. I find double action systems I have used to be finicky and anti-intuitive, and since I know my materials to be properly cured, stable, and chose every piece personally, back bend mitigation (the only possible advantage of the double action rod) simply doesn't come up.

My first few implementations of Carbon reinforcement included an adjustable system as well, but it turned out to be redundant. As long as I know what string tension I'm working with, my set up system has proven adaptable enough. Occasionally I do have to pull the frets and re-dress the fingerboard to get it perfect, and this is why I charge more for the CF system. Also, my arms itch for a day or two after machining the stuff.

This guitar will have a pretty standard 1 3/4 x 2 1/4 strung set up, but CF is in no way dictating this nor limiting my neck size options. My CF bits are made by myself from some 5/32" sheet stock I picked up years ago at an LMII yard sale.
All I know is I took your advice and installed the Lmii double truss in my latest one you saw, MAJOR difference between it and the hotrod, the Lmii is a WAY better rod. Thanks for the advice President Sexauer, you're not in charge for nothin'

edit; I am starting to lean t words the one way rod myself, after REALLY thinking about it, the statistical chances of a neck bending the opposite way of string tension is probably quite rare and most likely a result of extremely bad stewardship. The advantages of weight reduction, being able to have more neck meat under the truss channel, thus being able to carve slimmer necks if desired, and probably less chance of developing a rattle, all are starting to override the "what if some idiot goes guitar playing in a thunderstorm" line of thinking

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