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Yes, the RAM is replaceable once you gut out the computer to get to it. Shame that it's so buried, but I'm sure there are engineering reasons for that (I hope) and not just a deterrent to try to get people to pay Apple to do it instead. I'm comfortable doing that kind of work (recently replaced my HD in my iMac, which is worse because you have to deal with adhesive), but I bet a lot of people aren't, especially with a new machine. At least the option is there, though.

I usually buy through OWC, and if you want to upgrade from the stock 8GB to 16GB, it's almost worth it ($30 difference) to have Apple configure it to 16GB to save the hassle and risk of having to disassemble a new computer. For 32GB or 64GB? You can save nearly $300 by doing it yourself.

I have a late 2012 iMac 27" that I'm probably going to replace soon, and I'm seriously considering getting a Mac Mini instead of another iMac. I really like the iMac, but several times a year I need to transport it to another house, and that is a royal pain (I have a Macbook Air, but I don't like working off a laptop as my main computer). I'd much rather have two monitors (and larger than 27") to keep at each house and then just transport the Mini.

I refuse to pay Apple's $600 upcharge for an internal 1TB SSD, so I'd probably stick with the default 256 on the 6-core model and use a 1TB external USB-C SSD for larger files and at 1/3 of Apple's price (like this one, for example) and upgrade my memory now or in the future. Even with two larger monitors, all that would still cost less than the cheapest new 27" iMac and I'd also have more storage and a better processor. And I can also get money off for sending in my current iMac, though I'm not sure how much. The only major advantage a new iMac would have would be a 5k resolution display and dedicated video card, but I don't need nor want that.

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