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Thanks for posting these, Eric. The more I have watched your videos, the more impressed I am at how ORIGINAL you are.

I have played quite a bit of chord melody, studied the typical "jazzer" material, and even played in a few jazz groups with my Gibson Johnny Smith. However, I have become rather disillusioned with the whole thing because it always seems to become pretty much more of the same.

You, on the other hand, are an original. when you play a cover, you make it your own and not some standard chord melody fare. Your treatment of covers is just as original as your treatment of your own compositions, as in the current example you posted (i.e. comparing "Newman's Blues" to your treatment of "Contemplation"). You are definitely an inspiration and I am about to purchase your albums and "steal you blind" as Chet Atkins used to say about guitar players he admired.

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