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Had never heard of these before until I saw this at

Obviously, the one I got was a more tradition "mando-style" than a guitar style.

Ralph and Ray also make these in an OM-sized guitar body (not just the jumbo body shown here).

And actually it's not just a mandocello, but a combination of mandocello and octave mandolin. It has 5 courses. The middle 3 courses combined with the highest pitched course makes the octave mandolin and the middle 3 courses combined with the lowest pitched course makes the mandocello.

Sounds like DreamGuitars is going to start selling some of their instruments (perhaps just the guitar-shaped ones?). I've bought several guitars from them and they are a first-rate company. And now that I've talked with Ray for over a week before deciding to get the one I ordered, I'll have to say that they're a first-rate company, as well.
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