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Price on 3-days rest. And he was fully warmed as Kimbrel tried his best to give the Astros the lead back last night. You can be less nervous, Dru--I don't think Kimbrel pitches tonight.

Workman and Hembree didn't pitch last night; Barnes faced one batter, so those arms are live.

Rick didn't have his better stuff last night but Cora stayed with him through 4; that was pivotal.

Benny Ballgame's dive was stellar. So was former Sox Josh Reddick. JBJ has found that stroke that he's needed to stay on the field.

I've watched and listened to a lot of baseball playoff games (including, of course, the Fisk game). This one was a great game for those who like flashes of leather and managerial finesse.

Yes, I used to play in bars behind chickenwire, but that was to protect the audience.
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