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Originally Posted by Charmed Life Picks View Post
Folks, we are beyond jazzed. Just this morning we received a message from Fats Kaplin, who is currently out on tour playing mandolin with John Prine. Here's what he wrote to me:

"Congratulations, sir! You have developed
the perfect mandolin pick. Beautiful tone,
and I love the way it glides off the strings.
It will be out on tour with John Prine right
Here's what even funnier: He is playing a pre-production prototype. I had met him a couple months ago as we were finalizing our first run of this new model and thus sent him one of the first picks to come off the line.

We're thrilled to welcome Fats Kaplin to the growing Charmed Life family. We don't have any audio or video of him playing this new model yet, but hope to have some in the future.

scott memmer
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