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Default Don Rich--Telecaster Master: An Appreciation

Here are a few of my favorite Don Rich guitar instrumentals, musical renditions the lead guitarist for Buck Owens performed with The Buckaroos (backup band for Buck Owens, of course).

All selections from various albums released by The Buckaroos.

"Chaparral"--from the lp "A Night on the Town with Buck Owens' Buckaroos," 1968:

"Aw Heck"--from the lp "Anywhere USA," 1969:

"Chicken Pickin'"--from the lp "The Buck Owens' Buckaroos Strike Again," 1967:

"Happy-Go-Lucky-Guitar"--from the lp "America's Most Wanted Band," 1967:

"Buckaroo"--Credited to Buck Owens and His Buckaroos; from the lp "The Instrumental Hits of Buck Owens and His Buckaroos," 1965. To date, "Buckaroo" remains the last instrumental ever to hit #1 US Billboard Country (in 1965):

"Tim-Buck-Too"--from the lp "Anywhere USA." 1969. An acoustic piece:

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