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Here's an option...go drop $100 on a kit ukulele from Stew-Mac. I know its not a guitar, but its not a big investment and you will start to scratch the itch a little bit. You may love it and it may end up being 'meh' for you. You'll very likely end up with a cool little uke and you'll gain some great finishing experience.

If you love it, then you can spend $600 on a guitar kit from there or LMI...or find a 2nds or blemished kit on Ebay for probably $3-400.

Starting with a kit makes a lot of sense if you want to ensure some decent results. It also allows you to see if you can replicate various parts like bridges and fretboards. Then you can get some cheapo tops to practice joining and doing rosettes on.

I remember why I started building. I was too cheap to want to buy a really nice guitar out of great tonewoods. So I thought I'd build one instead for a lot less.


After 6 or 7 guitars, I'm finally starting to get ok at it and I have spent a crap ton more than that one nice guitar I could have bought back in the day. Now, I had zero woodworking experience other than middle school wood shop its taking me longer than others to produce something nice.

But it is really fun and people are in awe that I have built a few.

Its addicting for sure!
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