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Is your noise on the D string(4th)? I have come across a couple of classicals in shops that sometimes have a strange warble on the d string. I read somewhere that it may help to remove the string at the tuner, then give the string a few twists in your fingers in the direction of the winding (effectively tightening the winding a bit), then put the string back on the peg and tune to pitch. I have no idea if that will work but the article I read was from a guy who specializes in nylon string guitar sales. Keeping the break angle of the strings coming over the bridge as acute as you can may help too. Of course that is all complete guess work on my part. I keep watching a particular C9 that is a new refurbished one and has been for sale for a while. I am tempted to get it and sell my C5 Ltd. But I have only had the C5 since last Summer, it actually sounds really good, and the flamed mahogany looks cool. I have never bought a refurbished guitar before so I just donít know what the risk vs reward factor might be..
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