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Thanks, everyone. I was just looking at used Cordoba C9s online and that looks like one good value I would consider. The Tak and others also look like possibilities.

I did have one question. What is the difference (or advantages) of the various bracing systems in classicals? Is fan-braced the standard bracing going back to the beginning. I tend to be a traditionalist in most things, so prefer to go that route, if possible.

Also, sorry I didn't respond sooner. I'm not sure, but I did not receive any notifications to responses, even though I normally do.

All great tips. Will continue to explore. Thanks Much,


P.S. I might be open to a factory p/u rig. Does Cordoba make a C9 that is not a cutaway that comes with factory electronics? Almost all the standard-shaped nylons I see out there are without electronics.
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