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Default Fishman Matrix/Ellipse Blend v. K&K Pure Mini

I've just become the owner of a second-hand Collings D2H which had a Fishman Matrix/Ellipse Blend pickup system installed. It sounds very nice plugged through my Roland AC60, but I'm contemplating removing the Fishman and replacing it with a K&K Pure Mini, because...

1) I believe the Fishman adds weight and makes the guitar feel 'heavy'
2) I'm not a lover of USTs, on the grounds that a UST affects un-plugged tone
3) I don't like batteries in my instruments
4) I'm not happy with all the wiring snaking about inside the guitar, and other paraphernalia in the sound-hole
5) All of my other instruments have K&Ks installed

Just wondering if there's anyone who has made this same change from Fishman as described to a K&K and, if so, what observations they can offer?
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