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I run ProTools on a 27" iMac. The loaded up iMac is a great platform for audio recording. Note, for at least PT (not sure about other DAWs) you still really need to have a 2nd HDD for the audio. To that end, I only have a 256G SSD in the iMac, with a 3TB Thunderbolt Lacie externally.

I have been a ProTools user for many (15+ years) so at this point I am quite locked into it. I will be honest, while the SW is great, super-powerful, and still somewhat of an industry standard, the licensing structures and maintenance costs continue to irk me. I have looked at other DAWs but in the end decided to keep moving forward with PT.

If you have no history with ProTools, I would be sure to investigate other DAW options, Logic being the most obvious one. It definitely is cheaper and being an Apple product, more in sync with their OS updates (Avid always seems to lag by 2-3 months, not a huge deal, but a bit annoying).

Anyway, good luck.

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