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I'd seriously consider Apple Logic Pro X. As already mentioned, the current GarageBand is essentially Logic Pro "Lite"--so the UI and workflows are similar, and therefore so will be your learning curve. Your GB sessions will import right in.

Logic Pro X is less expensive to buy and maintain.

Pro Tools may have advantages as an in-deep audio editor, I don't know as I only edit minimally in Logic Pro.

I believe Logic has more built-in user templates, presets, and included virtual instruments. If you download the full "additional" content for Logic Pro X you have enough stuff to do full productions in many styles without adding any added cost plugins. If you just want to do solo acoustic guitar and voice recordings this doesn't enter into things, but you can get a good electric bass guitar sound by jacking one in direct to your audio interface and using just the basic presets for electric bass in Logic, and one can add a fairly convincing Hammond Organ or grand piano with just a cheap MIDI keyboard controller. There's even a basic set of orchestra instruments to play via MIDI.
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