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Originally Posted by Alistair Hay View Post
Yes you are correct, sparks did fly and all the luthiers had great conversations and shared many ideas. We are a friendly bunch and happy to help each other out. One of my main areas of discussion was indeed sharping levers.
I haven't really been a fan of them, I dont like the look and they can be tricky beasts to get good intonation especially on the heaviest bass strings but it certainly is possible. I have used the Truitts in the past and have ordered a few other types to run trials with. I have a couple of guitars on order that will be getting levers so yes my arm can be twisted on this.
If you need Sharping levers then get in touch and we can work it out.
Awesome Alistair, nice to have the option. I hear some levers are easier to adjust than others. Some change the tone, while some barely do at all. I've heard good things about Truitt's. Several harp builders seem to like Camac's for the same reasons; easy to adjust, very little tone change. Although I understand those are bulk order only. Anyhow, I look forward to some pics and hopefully videos. You've had some very skilled HG players in your videos. My fellow Canadian Jamie Dupuis makes your HG's sound amazing, I may be a pinch biased though. Thanks for the info!
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