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Originally Posted by earri View Post
I'm seriously considering that unit for a duo, (2 vocal mics, 2 guitars) with the ability to expand to include another vocal mic, bass, and perhads one condenser mic an/or another guitar input. I'm curious about ease/difficulty of ipad control.

I'l be patient.
These have been around a while, but I also always get interested in the new toys. In this case, it might actually do us some real good. If our sound person ends up wanting to stay low tech, I'll just keep it for myself. Sounds like it would be good for you.

I've scoured the internet, but I can't find the kind of tutorial I'm looking for. I'd love a step by step guide to replicate the TC mic mechanic (IIRC EQ, de-essing, gate, compressor) and body rez (IIRC para EQ, compressor, filter) features with this unit. With that information, you could program it once, label the inputs, and leave it alone. The only thing you might want are additional guitar stomp box effects. They have tons of them already built in. But, as I understand it, they can only be remote controlled with a midi foot switch. I believe the unit will do 8 mono effects or 4 stereo. I don't need stereo. I can live with one chorus/delay pedal, if needed, when I can just plug everything in direct and go.
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