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I've just looked at the TNAG vid just put up on the 'tube.

Very well done but there is no description at all regarding what it is the "investor" gets back. I think that's a serious omission when 99.9% of their audience will not be "business people" but guitarists, likely unfamiliar with thsi sort of thing.

I've used similar schemes twice: Once to fund an Allan Holdsworth album that I was sent a copy of subsequently in return for my upfront investment. The second time a friemd was putting together a copy of a photography book and when done, I got a copy.

I don't have any feel for what the investor gets here? I did go to their Crowdfunding page in order to glean more but it required personal details etc. for access to the full scheme. Yeah. Right. Goodbye. I'll give them details when I'm ready to invest, not just to find out what the scheme is all about.

Perhaps Michael will chip in here?
He needs to.

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