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Closing in on the end of this build. Finished up the fretting last week -- here's a shot of this frets after getting trimmed to length...

(For the keen eyed you might notice a silly mistake I had made at this point -- bonus points if anyone can tell me what it is!)

And strung up!

I'm beyond happy with this one right out of the gate. In particular, I'm pleased with how strong the trebles are in the cutaway section. Not much point in having a cutaway if that area doesn't hold up!

As a side note, one of the great benefits of being in this line of work is getting to know so many great musicians! We host in-shop concerts about once a month and had a great one with the Lonesome Ace Stringband this past weekend. Most of the pictures posted of builders' workshops are full of tools and dust, so I thought it would be fun to include a shot from the 1am post-show jam last Saturday night...

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