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About time for an update on this guitar -- the french polishing is pretty much done! One of the things I like to do when the french polishing is almost there is to have the guitar sit for a while (a week or two), let it settle, resand it flat, polish some more, then wait another week or two before moving on with the final steps. So, lot's of waiting at this stage!

Time to attach the neck...

I have to say it's beyond satisfying to run my hands over the neck/body joint and not feel anything! Lots of work to get to this stage and quite gratifying to see it completed.

Here's a shot of how I rout my saddle slots...

If you look closely you'll see there is a small mahogany nub glued on the left end of the bridge. This pushes the treble side away from the fence and leads to a properly angled saddle slot necessary for good intonation.

You can also see I have a mahogany strip running along the base of the fence angling the front of the bridge up and off of the table. This means the saddle is not perpendicular to the top, but is actually tilted back. The saddle is tilted back so that it splits the break angle of the strings. In theory, this means the force of the strings is directed straight down through the saddle instead of torquing the saddle.

The bridge should go on today and I'll hopefully be able to fret as well!

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