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Originally Posted by RotemarGuitars View Post
I especially like the "bolt-on"-way of laminating the sides. Ive never seen that technique before, but its brilliant. I know everybody whos laminating sides are doing it for extra stability, but do you have any other reasons for doing that?
Thanks Niklas! The "bolt-on" system was basically born from laziness. I really didn't want to make a separate mold to use when laminating my sides so I had to come up with a method that used my existing mold. I was also tired of wrangling a bunch of clamps and this seemed like a nice solution!

Stability is definitely one of the main reasons I laminate, but there are a few others as well. For one, it allows me to really easily put in a soundport. The most important factor, however, is the rigidity. I want to provide an incredibly stiff frame for the top to sit on. I focus on the top as the main tone producer in my guitars and any vibrations in the sides is detracting from that goal!

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