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Around 5 years ago I braced a guitar with a pretty different bracing pattern (at least for me) and despite thinking it was one of my best sounding guitars, I hadn't tried that style of bracing again -- until now!

Here's the start of the bracing process...

Those scoops in the V-braces will have larger braces crossing over them -- I like to have a reasonable amount of "scoop" on either side of intersecting braces to avoid concentrated points of stiffness as much as possible.

This is the final, and mostly uncarved, pattern...

Something else that might be hard to notice is that I like to have all of my braces connected to other braces or the liners around the edge. For example, the V-brace that starts at the tail end and goes into the waist has been notched out to overlap the two cross-grain braces near the bottom. I figure that if braces both fight string tension and transmit/distribute vibration I want to have a connected and closed of a system as possible!

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