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It's been an incredibly beautiful week in Montreal and things are moving right along with this build. Here's a shot of the laminated liners...

The wenge laminations definitely made the rims stiffer, but I would approach it differently in the future if I try it again. I think I would pre-bend and laminate the liners before gluing them onto the sides -- certainly would make cleaning it up a lot easier!

As I've mentioned in previous threads, I view my backs more as reflectors than an active partner with the top. Because this is really a 4-piece back, I needed 3 back strips and decided to pre-laminate them all into a 15' arch. This equals a stiff back!

Despite the stiffness, the back still rings like a bell and I was quite pleased to get a closed ring and a half...

I now have half a box and it's time to start bracing the top!

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