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Yesterday lived up to my expectations and was indeed busy busy busy!

Started the day off by finishing up the rosette. Here I've removed the teflon strips and mostly cleaned up the rest of the rosette before installing the radial zebrawood purfling...

And here it is all cleaned up!

Here the final pieces of the back are being joined...

And this is how it's going to look! I think under finish the transition from the outer wenge to the inner sapwood of the zebrawood will be quite nice. I also like tying in the color of the sapwood to the engelmann spruce on the top...

Here I'm checking the deflection of the top as I thickness. In this case, I'm going for the same relative deflection as the last engelmann guitar I sent to Trevor. Since this is a slightly larger shape than my OO, it will deflect slightly more, but the ratio of deflection to length will be the same...

That's it for now!

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