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Default Build Thread: Indian Hill Concert Engelmann/Wenge for TAMCO

I have a few projects to finish up in the coming weeks, but I'll soon be starting on my next build for Trevor at TAMCO! These are the basic details we've worked out so far...

Concert model
Wenge/Zebrawood/Wenge back
Wenge sides
Engelmann top
12-fret body joint
Sound port

Before starting I'll be doing some slight tweaking of my Concert shape. The key dimensions are going to stay the same, but the transition points will be changing. Basically the waist and widest point of the lower bout will both be higher up. Here's a pic of how I draw out my shapes...

I really like using this method -- using a flexible piece like that really allows for natural curves and great control of the transition points (where the piece of wood is pressed against the plastic).

I'm quite happy with the re-designed shape and will post pictures of my fancy new mold and drawings soon!

Indian Hill Guitar Company
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