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Originally Posted by tommyharpingon View Post
Hey all, hope you're well I'm a first time poster, I'm Tommy from England. I've just been touring over in Ireland/Northern Ireland and swung by the Emerald factory in Donegal whilst I was over there. The guys at the factory were kind enough to let me get my hands on one of their Harp Guitars - I've been looking to upgrade for a few years and was so chuffed with it, ordered one a few days later. This video of one of my original tunes, 'Deep Breaths' has somehow reached 30,000 plays as of this morning, HUGE thanks to the Emerald guys for shooting it! It's up here on Facebook if you fancy giving it a look/share/slag it off or whatever takes your fancy. It's far from perfect musically, but a great experience and I'm very thankful for the exposure

Cheers everyone! Please feel to write back here or at [email protected] / if you don't use Facebook for comments etc

Best wishes

Hi guys,

we were so delighted to welcome Tommy to our offices. He is a very talented musician and we look forward to building him his very own Synergy X20 Artisan. It's been really nice to see the great feedback our new instrument has been getting!

Have a great week everyone!

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