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Decades ago, I used to follow the Kingsmen gospel quartet around, and they had a guy singing what they called "tenor", but was actually soprano. His name was Ernie Phillips, and he could hit the Bb almost two octaves above middle "C". There is audio of it on YouTube...

Originally Posted by rokdog49 View Post
Unfortunately some songs just donít work very well transposed.
If your goal is to sing in your range because you like a song and wish to perform it, fine. It may not come off well, but most audiences donít care.
Iím a baritone by nature but I have worked very hard to reach notes I couldnít in the past and I have also developed the ability to sing very high without sounding awful in a smooth falsetto.
If you want to be humbled, try singing stuff by guys like Bob Seger in the key he did it.
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