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Originally Posted by Cincy2 View Post
"Even fingerpicking with good nails often sounds limp and quiet if you don't learn to pick hard and use mostly rest strokes."

Modern classical guitars with lattice bracing or wood / kevlar double tops don't have this problem. My classical holds its own very nicely with my steel string instruments when both are played finger style with nails. I would encourage the OP to try a few. Some luthiers are able to create a traditional warm sound using these techniques, some can't. Try before you buy.

I looked into lattice bracing. Pretty interesting, but does the volume/brightness make up for playing without nails? Is it available in affordable guitars?

The OP is someone who is just starting on nylon and specified no nails. They probably don't want to spend $2000+ to start. I have played for years, and plan on decades more and I'll probably never spend that much.

Also, this person is at a beginning point where they could just develop a vigorous picking technique that will work on any guitar in the first place, as opposed to playing softly and being forced to buy special expensive guitars to accomodate that technique choice.
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