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Originally Posted by smctunes View Post
Alright, so the hygrometers seem to be reading accurately. Both are within 3% of each other. Unfortunately the RH today was 75-80% due to the rain.

About that - I am guessing it would be unwise to do any gluing with such a high RH, right? I wanted to join the tops, backs, as well as the headstocks to the neck blanks today, but I held off because of the high humidity.
The accepted range for gluing jobs such as those you describe seems to be 42% - 48%. In the range you're currently experiencing there would be very gluing jobs I'd attempt.

For the ultimate in sophisticated hygrometers, it would be hard to go past the one described here:

Before you pass it off as a joke, consider that many expensive shop-bought hygrometers (mine included) rely on the hygroscopic nature of human hair!
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