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The humidifiers I'm familiar with have a built-in humidistat. Set it to the number you want and just keep adding water. For a shop which will be dusty anyway I would consider a cool mist unit. They have a white powder byproduct if the water has minerals, but that shouldn't be objectionable in a woodworking shop with all kinds of dust flying around.

For dehumidification I use a Sears floor unit. Again, they work automatically. Just keep on emptying the bucket or rig up a way to automate the emptying process. They are essentially a set of refrigerator coils with a fan blowing on them so they will use about the same electric power as a small refrigerator to run. Blow the coils off periodically to keep them clean and efficient.

Depending on your shop size and moisture barrier you may need several units to keep up with the problem.

Wild swings in outdoor RH shouldn't be a problem so long as you keep your shop closed up.

You will have to fiddle with the appliance settings so they do not both run at the same time.

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