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Default Setting up shop - Seeking advice about humidification

Hey there!

Well, my brother and I have been hauling ***** to get our shop set up in his garage. I will get some pictures up here soon, but as of right now we've fashioned a huge workbench, set up shelving, and done a ton to get the place cleaned as it has been used previously for auto-work (which, if you've been in a garage full of car parts, you know how filthy it can get).

Anyway, we're in Woodland, California, and the one thing I'm worried about at this point is humidity. I am going to get a hygrometer, but I'd like to know what methods are feasible for controlling the RH once I get that set up, whether conditions end up being too humid, or too dry. If it's too dry, then sure, get a humidifier and run it once in a while. But, how do you deal with it if it's too moist? And, how do you control it if there are rapid changes? See, the area nearby is farmland and I suspect (but don't quote me) that at night, especially during spring and summer, the humidity is going to spike.

Anyhoo, as always, any and all advice is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
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