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Beautiful Work mirwa !
Making things and being in control is the key. Weather you make knives, woodworking, or Guitar set ups. Making- adjusting things to our own personal standards is FREEDOM.
If I had a do over in life, It would to have been to become a custom Guitar maker. I have done lots of things in my life. A traditional archer, Longbow and wood arrows, since 1965(making my own wood arrows, leather quivers & strings. A Backpacker, backpack hunting, Canoer in Canada, a Professional Photographer for the music industry, Woodworker making products, A custom Knife maker and more.
But I can not imagine anything coming close to joys of making beautiful acoustic guitars. My hats off to all of the custom Luthiers! I have had a world of fun just playing around with Different Saddle materials and bridge pins. Truth be told, I think I may have more fun discovering the mysteries of the Different tops, back and sides, saddle materials, string choices, bridge pins, than actual playing. I love learning and discovering. When I discover a new material that gets me that special sound, I play better.
I have been retired for nearly three years now. I have kept my Website up for giggles. However, I am ending it with just a couple of weeks left. If you like looking a beautiful rare woods you might enjoy the slow moving slide show on each of the pages.
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